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How to Prevent Wrist Injuries in Golf October 26, 2018

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How to Prevent Wrist Injuries in Golf, Cherokee Village, Arkansas

Golf is a low-impact sport that can be enjoyed by players of any age. However, it’s also associated with an array of different injuries that can warrant a trip to the physical therapist. One of the most common is wrist injuries. Follow the below tips to prevent them and keep your body trained while on the greens. 

Wrist Injury Prevention Tips

Practice Proper Form

For the ideal swing, the rest of your body needs to be in proper form. Being conscious of your posture, grip, and form while playing will help prevent injury in the first place. 

physical therapistStand with the club in front of your belly button, with your arms and legs straight. Your shoulders should be pulled back, with your chest sticking out. Tilt forward at the hips, and flex your knees slightly as you lower your club. 

When holding the club, your lead hand should be close to you, while your dominant hand should be positioned slightly lower. When swinging the club, you should turn at the spine. 

Always Warm Up

Since golf is a low-impact sport, many athletes assume they don’t need to warm up ahead of time. But as any physical therapist will tell you, performing exercises and stretches prior to playing will give your wrists flexibility and prevent injury.

Start by standing tall and engaging your core. Place your palms together in front of your chest with your elbows sticking out on either side. Turn your palms downward so your fingers are pointing toward the floor. You should feel a stretch in your forearms and wrists. Repeat the same movement, but with the back of your hands pressed together instead of your palms. 

Next, roll your wrists around a few times to loosen them up. Repeat this a few times after every other round of golf in order to keep your wrist muscles stretched and loose.


If you’ve recently suffered a golfing injury, contact the team of physical therapists at Therapy Works in Cherokee Village, AR. They have been Fulton and Sharp counties’ leaders in sports therapy since 2002, and work with most types of insurance. They also offer a team of pediatric physical therapists that work with young athletes to get them back on the field. Learn more about their sports physical therapy services online or by calling (870) 856-4325 today.

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