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How to Properly Store Wooden Furniture October 26, 2018

Stevens Creek, Lancaster
How to Properly Store Wooden Furniture, Stevens Creek, Nebraska

Storage units are safe places to stow belongings you don’t currently have room for. However, your wooden furniture can be at risk for developing mold if not treated properly before being put away. If you want to retrieve your table or hutch in the same beautiful condition as you left it, here are some preventative measures that you can take.

Ways to Preserve Your Wooden Furniture in Storage

1. Choose a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Temperature and humidity can both have a significant impact on your wooden furniture. When the heat rises, it causes the wood to expand; cold causes it to contract again. Therefore, your oak bedframe, exposed to enough hot-cold cycles, will eventually become warped and damaged. If it is also humid, this can provide the right environment for mold or mildew to grow. To combat this problem, look for a facility that offers climate-controlled storage units which are more appropriate for your furniture.

2. Treat Your Wood

When wood is allowed to dry out, it becomes more vulnerable to cracks, peeling, as well as general surface damage. Before storing your wooden furniture, treat it with polish which will help keep moisture in.

3. Disassemble Whenever Possible

It’s easier to protect and pack up smaller pieces, so disassemble your furniture whenever possible. This might include removing the legs from a wooden table or chairs, or removing the drawers from a hutch or dresser. By making your items lighter and easier to carry, you decrease the risk of them being harmed in transit. Furthermore, it will help your possessions fit into a smaller, and therefore, less expensive, storage unit. 

4. Cover Smart

It’s smart to keep your stored items wrapped up to deter pests and prevent dust buildup. However, you should never cover your wooden pieces with plastic. This can trap moisture and cause your furniture to swell. Instead, use bedsheets or another form of cloth.


For a top-notch storage facility that puts security first, choose East “O” Street Self Storage in Lincoln, NE. They offer several custom storage solutions, as well as optional gas heating that will keep your items protected during the winter. Learn more about their available storage units and rental rates online or by calling (402) 489-0134 today.

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