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3 Facts Your Employees Need to Know About Cybersecurity October 26, 2018

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3 Facts Your Employees Need to Know About Cybersecurity, East Northport, New York

Today, the Internet plays a key role in almost every type of business. If you manage a group of employees, you must teach them about all the risks and how to cope with them. No matter how big or small your enterprise may be, below are three cybersecurity matters your staff should know about.

A Guide to Cybersecurity Training

1. Passwords

While typing the same username and password to sites each day may seem like a nuisance, remind your employees why the process is essential to security. It’s a virtual lock that protects data and confidential company details. Your staff should not keep track of this information via post-it notes or send it over email or text message. Share passwords in person, commit them to memory, and change them at least once a month.

2. Phishing

cybersecurityMost employees today are well-versed in the ways of the Internet. However, the threats companies face are different from those individuals encounter. During training, teach new hires about common phishing scams. For instance, these sneaky malware tactics can come in an email attachment or a link—all the unsuspecting employee must do is click on or open it to download a virus to their computer. Tell your workforce that if they encounter suspicious messages or sites, they should alert their superiors right away.

3. Loss Prevention

Employees who are in good standing and have been with the company for a while may not hesitate to alert the boss when a piece of equipment goes missing. However, new hires or those on probation may worry about the aftermath of reporting a lost or stolen item. Establish a no-fault or anonymous system for registering the loss or theft of company tech. Your priority is to recover those investments and protect your enterprise.


If you’re interested in teaching your company more about cybersecurity threats and solutions, turn to Network Solutions & Technology of East Northport, NY. They offer a wide variety of computer equipment and IT services to streamline and optimize your operations. For more information about how they can assist, visit the website. Call (877) 678-8080 today to inquire about tech support needs.

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