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5 Reasons to Take Swimming Lessons Year-Round October 26, 2018

Allston, Boston
5 Reasons to Take Swimming Lessons Year-Round, Boston, Massachusetts

Spring and summer may seem like the ideal seasons for swimming lessons, but there's no reason to stop when the seasons change. Whether you want to improve your child’s motor skills or you want more fun activities for your child during the fall and winter, swimming lessons are a rewarding and productive activity year-round. Here are a few reasons to extend swimming lessons to the fall and winter months.

The Benefits of Year-Round Swimming Lessons

1. Improved Safety

Beginner swimming lessons are only the first step to ensure that your child is safe in the water. The CDC ranks drowning fifth among the leading causes of unintentional death in the US, and roughly one in five of those victims are children under the age of 15. The more swimming lessons your child takes at a young age, the lower the risks when they are swimming.

2. Improved Motor Skillsswimming lessons

Swimming is a full-body workout that improves motor skills and coordination in children. Proper breathing techniques, simultaneous movement, and enhanced concentration make swimming a vigorous and gratifying activity for children.

3. Increased Confidence

The more time your child spends in the water, the more confident they’ll become in their swimming abilities. Swimming lessons teach children to become comfortable in the water, which eventually translates to increased focus and confidence both in and out of the water. 

4. Fun Exercise

In addition to being a fantastic full-body workout, swimming is fun for kids. Teaching children to enjoy swimming at an early age is that much easier when lessons are year-round.

5. Easier Scheduling

With all the additional swimming activities that happen in the spring and summer—including a variety of swimming camps—summer can get pretty busy. Swimming lessons in the fall and winter are far easier to schedule.


Once your child starts swimming lessons, they will not want to stop. This is especially true if they take lessons at Charles River Aquatics, conveniently located in Boston, MA and at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA. With classes available for swimmers of all ages and skill levels—as well as summer camps that start in June—this local swimming camp has something for everyone. Find out more about their swimming lessons online, or call (617) 939-8078 to speak with a member of their staff today.

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