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3 Suggestions for Healing After the Loss of a Young Child  December 7, 2018

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3 Suggestions for Healing After the Loss of a Young Child , West Haven, Connecticut

The death of a child is one of the most challenging circumstances that can befall a person. Healing isn’t easy, but in the time after the funeral, there is a path back to feeling okay again, even if the loss is something you’ll carry your whole life. Here is a guide toward taking some steps back to normalcy. 

A Guide When Grieving for Your Child

1. Seek Support

After such a traumatic event, it is too much to bear for a person to deal with the loss of a child on their own. Isolation may only create a deeper hole, especially in the time after the funeral. While you may not feel like being social, simply being around some friends and loved ones will provide some emotional help. If you don’t feel up for talking, that’s okay — just let them know what you need, and they’ll be glad to help in any way they can. 

2. Make a Space for Happiness

funeral Even in the face of an unimaginable loss, there will eventually be some lighter moments when you watch a funny moment on television or chat with a friend some weeks or months after the funeral. It’s crucial to remember that allowing yourself to feel happiness is not a betrayal of your child — it is possible, and necessary, to carry your grief while also opening up new windows to feel some positive emotions. When that happens, give yourself permission to embrace them. 

3. Find an Outlet

It’s common for grieving parents to have trouble focusing on things besides the loss. Breaking that habit of thought will take time, but there are a few ways to give your mind some new things to think about. One helpful step is to start a new hobby, such as biking, pottery, or yoga — anything that can take your thoughts to a new place. Physical exercise is especially helpful, as it encourages the release of mood-boosting chemicals, such as endorphins.


If you’re struggling through a painful loss, it’s important to seek help. The veteran staff members at Porto Funeral Homes in New Haven County, CT, have a wealth of experience working with grieving parents and will assist you in this difficult time. Beyond referring you to a specialist for grief counseling, they can also help plan a funeral and conduct a burial service. To speak with a warm representative, just call (203) 467-3000 for East Haven or (203) 934-5000 to reach their West Haven location. You can also find some helpful resources regarding grief on the funeral home’s website

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