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5 Common Furniture Issues During the Holidays & How to Prevent Them November 1, 2018

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5 Common Furniture Issues During the Holidays & How to Prevent Them, Trotwood, Ohio

During the holiday season, your home is a cozy place to relax and celebrate with loved ones. Unfortunately, all of that festive activity can put a burden on your furniture and increase the risk of lasting damage. That’s why it’s a good idea to identify any potential risks ahead of time and take steps to prevent them from happening. To help you entertain—and keep your home furnishings in good condition—here are five common dangers to watch out for and how you can protect against them.

5 Ways Home Furnishings Can Get Damaged During the Holiday Season

1. Food & Drink Stains

Between Thanksgiving dinners and New Year’s Eve cocktails, there are plenty of opportunities for food and beverages to stain your furniture. While eating in a designated dining area can minimize the risk of spills, there are other ways you can defend your pieces. For example, you can coat upholstered chairs and couches with a stain-repellent spray.

2. Dirt Marks

When visitors come in from the outside, they can track in a lot of mud and dirt on their shoes. If this debris makes its way to your upholstered pieces, it can settle into fibers and cause lasting marks. That’s why you should encourage all guests to wipe their shoes off on a doormat before entering your home.

3. Water Rings

home furnishingsCondensation from cups of coffee, champagne glasses, soda cans, and other beverage containers can subject wooden surfaces to moisture that can cause warping or discoloration. The best way to defend against this moisture is to provide your guests with drink coasters.

4. Melted Wax

Candles can add a festive feeling of warmth to your home, but the wax they produce may drip onto tables, couches, and other pieces of furniture. When sticky wax hardens, it can adhere to fibers or surfaces, causing significant damage. As such, you should keep all candles far removed from furniture and placed on top of a solid holder that can provide a barrier against wax. For even greater peace of mind, opt for battery-lit candles instead.

5. Scissor Punctures

When you’re wrapping gifts, one mistake can cause scissors to puncture seating or scratch surfaces. For this reason, it’s best to prepare your presents at a designated gift-wrapping station that is set away from valuable home furnishings. Whenever scissors aren’t in use, place them sharp-end down into a cup.


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