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3 Benefits of Dancing for Runners October 26, 2018

Hamden, New Haven County
3 Benefits of Dancing for Runners, Hamden, Connecticut

Whether you run for leisure or competition, cross-training is an effective way to improve your performance. This is why many runners choose various types of dancing as an addition to their training regimen. From ballroom dancing to ballet, here are just a few of the ways that joining a dance studio can have a positive impact on your running routine.

3 Advantages Runners Get From Dance Class

1. Muscle Tone

dance studioToning the various muscles that are engaged during running can help prevent injury and improve muscular endurance. Dancing involves the use of the hip abductors, glutes, quads, and hamstrings to carry out various steps and lateral movements. It also works the core, which is essential when holding proper running form.

2. Flexibility

Flexibility makes the muscles more pliable, which increases range of motion and reduces the risk of an injury while running. It also improves your running technique. Dance always incorporates stretching both in the warm-up and during the class by elongating the muscles through wide range positions.

3. Socialization

Running is a solo sport, which is why it can be beneficial to combine it with other workouts that encourage socialization. Dance studios allow you to meet new people who will help you push past obstacles and have fun by learning new movements together. You may even find a new running partner at one of your dance classes.


If you are interested in pursuing dance classes to improve your running performance, consider signing up for a class at Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Hamden, CT. Since 1923, the premier dance studio has offered a wide range of social dance programs for all levels and ages, from salsa and swing to foxtrot and mambo. Give them a call today at (203) 288-2482 to speak with a representative or visit the website to learn more about the dance studio and their full schedule of classes.