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4 Steps to Planning Your Modern Kitchen Renovation October 26, 2018

Brooklyn, New York City, NY
4 Steps to Planning Your Modern Kitchen Renovation, Brooklyn, New York

Modern kitchen renovations are a great way to personalize your space, update your appliances, and increase your home’s overall market value. With all the available options and factors to consider, the planning process sometimes feels overwhelming. To help you create functional space that you’ll adore, here are four fundamental stages to planning your renovation or remodel. 

A Guide to Remodeling Your Kitchen

1. Determine Your Purpose & Priorities

Figure out your ultimate goal for your space. Will you use your kitchen to whip up some basic meals, or do you want a state-of-the-art culinary lab to impress your guests with full-course feasts? Do you want a spacious eat-in kitchen where you’ll dine in comfort with your family? At this early stage, knowing your priorities will inform your design choices and structure your overall project. 

2. Set a Budget

After you’ve set your priorities, it’s time to set a budget. How much you choose to spend depends on your goals. If you’ll be living in this home for years, you’ll want to invest more money in a comfortable kitchen that will serve you long-term. If you’re selling soon, limit costs to what you think you’ll recoup at sale. Determine the cost of major, nonnegotiable items first, and dedicate a percentage of your budget to handling unexpected expenses. Leave any remaining funds for less essential amenities. 

3. Get Inspired

modern kitchen renovationOnce you have a solid sense of your goals and your budget, it’s time to seek inspiration to help you create your perfect space. Pinterest is a great resource. Use it to create a modern kitchen renovation board from design ideas and elements that inspire you. Catalogs are also available online and at your local magazine rack. Choose colors, materials, designs, and fixtures that will create a cohesive space.

4. Hire a Remodeling Professional

After all other elements are in place, it’s time to turn your kitchen dream into reality by hiring a designer or remodeling contractor. If you’re having trouble deciding what design elements are best, contractors will offer guidance from their wealth of knowledge about the latest design concepts and innovations. A contractor will work closely with you to turn your dream into reality. 


If you’re looking to upgrade your home with a modern kitchen renovation, trust in European Kitchen Center in Brooklyn, NY. With over 15 years of experience in the interior design field, they create extraordinary spaces that suit your needs. After an initial consultation, they’ll provide a comprehensive 3D layout so you’ll be able to envision every detail of your design. They offer an array of exceptionally beautiful, inventive, and eco-friendly products. To get your project underway today, give them a call at (718) 360-0950 or visit their website

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