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Why Air Duct Cleaning During Flu Season Is Advisable November 16, 2018

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Why Air Duct Cleaning During Flu Season Is Advisable, Florissant, Missouri

People often take more sick days from work and school during fall and winter, when the influenza virus spreads quickly. That’s why you should take active measures to safeguard your family. If people get sneezing fits, wheezing, and additional discomfort, the condition of HVAC equipment could be to blame. Below are a few reasons scheduling air duct cleaning could leave everyone in your home out of harm’s way during the flu season. 

How Air Duct Cleaning Will Keep Your Household Healthy

1. Keep Germs From Circulating

When someone in the house is infected with the flu virus, every time they cough and sneeze will send germs into the air. The pathogens could get sucked into vents and increase others’ exposure to the illness. Air duct cleaning will prevent the airborne virus from circulating throughout the house, as technicians will disinfect the channels. You can also install a HEPA filter to trap harmful particles before they enter interiors. 

2. Combat Mold Growth

When water vapor collects in ducts, mold colonies can form easily in the damp conditions. As air passes through the channels, spores could mix with it. If people already have the flu, breathing in the fungus could further compromise a weak immune system. Cleaning specialists use industrial-strength products to sanitize equipment and remove this threat from your home.

3. Improve Overall Indoor Air Quality

air duct cleaningBeyond viruses and mold, air duct cleaning will also remove other debris that could make your family sick. From dust to pollen and pet dander, there could be many allergens lurking in the channels that could compromise comfort. Professionals will vacuum the fixtures so everyone can breathe easily inside the house. 


If you need air duct cleaning to remove viruses and other harmful allergens from your space, contact the technicians at Dalmation Cleaning & Restoration for assistance. Based in St. Louis, MO, the family-owned and -operated company provides residents throughout St. Louis, St. Charles, and Jefferson counties, as well as people in southern Illinois, with air duct upkeep, mold removal, carpet cleaning, and additional solutions to improve the comfort and safety of their spaces. To schedule service, call (314) 423-0101. A representative will also share tips to figure out when to schedule your next appointment. Visit their website and Facebook page to read client testimonials.  

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