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5 Important Questions to Ask Your Child's Dentist February 12, 2019

5 Important Questions to Ask Your Child's Dentist, Wasilla, Alaska

A healthy smile begins in childhood. Finding the right dentist for your little one will prevent cavities, monitor their bite, and teach them how to brush and floss their teeth properly. Parents can do their part by knowing how to manage their child’s oral health in the dental chair and at home. Knowing the answers to the following questions will make treatment and prevention much easier. 

Essential Questions for Pediatric Dentists 

1. When Should My Child Have Their 1st Visit? 

Schedule your baby’s initial appointment once they get their first tooth or have their 1st birthday. Your provider will evaluate their gums, give you helpful care instructions, and protect their small, pearly whites from cavities. Even baby teeth are susceptible to oral health problems. A proactive schedule will prevent dental issues from occurring before permanent teeth set in. 

2. How Often Should They Have Cleanings & Exams? 

Anchorage DentistLike adults, children should have teeth cleanings and exams every 6 months. The dentist will check for issues and ensure you are comfortable caring for their teeth at home. A skilled family dentistry team makes it convenient to schedule your visits at the same time. 

3. Which Oral Care Habits Should We Keep at Home? 

The right oral care routine depends on the child’s age. Parents should clean their baby’s gums beginning at birth with a cloth and clean water. Once they develop teeth, they should use a soft toothbrush and toothpaste with fluoride twice daily. 

Children will need help with flossing once they reach the age of 2. While many kids can use floss properly around age 6, you may need to guide them until they reach the age of 12. Ask your doctor how your little one is doing and if you need to provide them with extra help. 

4. How Do I Know If My Child Has a Cavity? 

The best way to find cavities early is to examine your child’s teeth regularly. The first sign of pediatric dental caries is white spots, which progressively turn light brown or black. Kids may also complain of pain and sensitivity. 

5. What Else Can I Do to Keep Their Smile Healthy? 

Make an appointment if you notice cavities or if your child says they have a toothache. Keep up with biannual visits. Avoid sugary drinks and encourage water consumption. Keep candy to a minimum and incorporate dairy products, vegetables, and fruits into meals and snacks. 


If you are searching for a skilled and friendly dental professional for your child, Dr. Pete Higgins and his team at Four Corners Dental Group have two convenient offices to provide your entire family with affordable dental care. To make a pediatric appointment with the dentist, call the Anchorage, AK, location at (907) 258-3384, and the Wasilla office at (907) 376-2790. Learn about their compassionate staff, state of the art facilities, and family dentistry procedures on their website. Discover tips for teeth-friendly meals on their Twitter page. 

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