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How to Keep Flowers Fresh in a Vase October 30, 2018

Coram, Flathead
How to Keep Flowers Fresh in a Vase, Coram, Montana

When you first receive a fresh bouquet of flowers, its mere presence can transform the room and make your day. However, it’s hard to watch the same arrangement wilt only a few days later. To keep your next gift alive and well for longer, take advantage of the following three flower preservation tips.

3 Ways to Keep Flowers Looking Fresh Longer

1. Cut at an Angle

You may have heard that you’re supposed to cut fresh flowers before putting them in a decorative vase, but did you know there’s a certain method that will help them last longer? In fact, the angle at which you cut could keep your blooms alive for a few more days. Instead of going straight across, make an angled cut (at least 45 degrees) to increase the surface area through which the stem can absorb water and nutrients.

2. Be Quick

Whiflowerle you might want to get your guest acquainted with the rest of the attendees or attend to another chore, it’s important to tend to a fresh bouquet as soon as you get it. After you unwrap the blooms and trim the stems, place them in water and add the flower food that came with the bouquet immediately. Look for a small packet that’s usually attached to a rubber band or string around the stems.

3. Use Hairspray

While hair products might not be found in nature, neither are vases, so don’t hesitate to use unorthodox tools around the house to keep your flowers in shape. Hairspray can work wonders if you’re trying to prevent blossoms from wilting before a photoshoot, fundraiser, or dinner party. Just spritz from a reasonable distance when the petals have unfolded but are still hydrated and supple, and you can enjoy fresh-looking flowers for longer.


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