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3 Reasons You Need a Residential Security System October 18, 2018

Chillicothe, Ross
3 Reasons You Need a Residential Security System, Chillicothe, Ohio

Because many homeowners have dogs and remember to lock doors, they falsely believe they’ve taken the appropriate measures to protect their families and properties from threats. However, installing a security system is the best way to safeguard your space, and every person and possession in it, from potential attacks. Here are a few advantages gained by heightening your home security. 

3 Ways You’ll Benefit from Home Security System Installation

1. Deter Criminal Activity

Criminals try hard to ensure their movements are undetected, which is why they often target houses without security systems. If burglars or vandals see video surveillance cameras installed on the house, it increases the chance their activity will be recorded. Even if no one is around to see the crime, the footage can be used to identify the assailant and bring them to justice. To avoid this, a criminal will bypass your house in favor of an easier mark.   

2. Monitor the Property at All Times

security systemWith advancements in technology, it’s possible to link security equipment with your smart home system. Every aspect of home security can be controlled wirelessly through smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. This means you can arm and disarm alarms, double-check that doors are locked, and monitor interiors and exteriors by viewing surveillance footage from any location.     

3. Get Emergency Assistance Faster

If someone tries to break in late at night while everyone is asleep or during the day when no one is home, security personnel or police officers will respond immediately to the disturbance. This is because as soon as window and door sensors are tampered with, the monitoring company dispatches emergency assistance.


If you want to install a security system to improve property safety, Horizon carries a wide range of high-quality equipment. For more than 120 years, homeowners and business professionals throughout southern Ohio have turned to the company for security solutions and installation, high-speed internet, and cable service. To schedule a consultation in Ross County, call (740) 772-8200. An associate is happy to determine what security equipment is best suited for your needs. Visit the company online to learn more about their experience, and connect with them on Facebook for details about their community involvement.

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