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How to Increase Your Home's Value With Decorative Glass October 25, 2018

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How to Increase Your Home's Value With Decorative Glass, Dothan, Alabama

Decorative glass comes in a variety of options, including transparent color, solid color, tempered, and with detailed designs. Such unique features help create statement-making finishes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also valuable. Take a closer look below at why you should consider decorative material for your glass replacements.

How Decorative Glass Replacements Improve Home Value

In the world of real estate, windows are more than just glass and framing. Homeowners can expect a return on investment between 69% and 74% with a new window upgrade. Such a high ROI is a result of two factors—aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency. For the former, property owners have the opportunity to boost their home value by up to 5% simply by enhancing its curb appeal, which is easily achieved with decorative replacement

In terms of efficiency, glass replacements help reduce heating and cooling costs substantially. Energy-efficient window upgrades help combat the 25% to 30% energy loss caused by older models prone to draftiness and solar radiation penetration. While it reduces your monthly out-of-pocket costs, the upgrade is also valuable when listing a home on the market. According to the National Association of Realtors® 2018 Sustainability Report, energy efficiency is becoming a top selling point for today's buyers.

How to Maximize Aesthetic Appeal With Decorative Glass

Decorative glass can be installed in a variety of areas around your home. One of the top locations is around the front door. This space is one of the most viewed areas of the home, so placing an embellished feature provides optimal curb appeal. Glass replacements at entry points offer the added benefit of reducing air leaks.

Bathrooms are another excellent location for a glass upgrade. Windows in this style of room help provide natural light, which reduces electricity costs and creates a greater sense of space. However, their transparency also inhibits privacy. Utilizing decorative glass, like a tempered or colored design, allows you to achieve visual protection without losing light. The same sentiment applies to the kitchen, where the distance between homes often provides too much interior visibility to neighbors.


Give your home a valuable update by making the switch to decorative appeal with the help of Circle City Glass. Since 2002, this local business has proudly met the glass replacement needs of residents and businesses throughout Houston County, AL. From new installations to window repairs, the skilled team offers fast, efficient, and honest work. Learn more about their decorative glass options on their website or request a quote today by calling (334) 794-6160.

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