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How Can Herbalism Boost Your Wellness? November 26, 2018

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How Can Herbalism Boost Your Wellness?, Reno Southeast, Nevada

If traditional treatment methods have not assuaged your health concerns as much as you hoped, consider visiting a trained herbalist. Taught to utilize the medicinal properties of plants—including those that may relieve pain and stress—these specialists offer natural and non-invasive health aids.  Here is some more information about this holistic approach.

A Guide to Herbalism

What Kind of Experience Does an Herbalist Have?

Herbalists are trained professionals that have studied Oriental Medicine practices—such as acupuncture—and have proven their knowledge through a rigorous certification process. Through their training, practitioners learn the capabilities of many different herbs, flowers, and other botanical species. They also understand how to prepare custom treatments to address specific health issues and apply them in a safe, effective fashion.  

What Types of Ailments Can Herbalists Address?

herbalistHerbalists can treat a variety of medical concerns through botanically-sourced remedies. For example, ginger and eucalyptus have anti-inflammatory characteristics that can help minimize arthritis swelling and pain. Chamomile and licorice tea may help ease nausea and other stomach troubles. Alternatively, they may prescribe ginseng or ashwagandha to treat anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Other ailments which can be addressed through herbal medicine include skin conditions, headaches, muscle tension, and fatigue.

How Is Herbal Medicine Applied?

Commonly, practitioners will prepare natural remedies that combine herbs that have been dried or extracted as a liquid. These solutions may be consumed as a supplement or made into a tea. In other situations, herbs may be applied directly to the body to offer a healing effect.


If you’re curious about the ways that herbal medicine can enhance your health, Dr. Gary Danchak, OMD of South Reno Acupuncture is qualified to help. Licensed by the State of Nevada’s Board of Oriental Medicine, he understands how to address a wide range of health concerns—including back pain, insomnia, stress, and fertility issues. Offering a complete herbal pharmacy on-site, this Reno, NV, herbalist can prepare your prescriptions quickly using high-quality resources. Visit the practice online to learn more about these treatment options or call (775) 849-9800 to schedule a convenient appointment.

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