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Why You Should Clean Out Your Refrigerator This Month November 15, 2018

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Why You Should Clean Out Your Refrigerator This Month, Radcliff, Kentucky

November 15 is Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. The holiday serves as a great reminder to homeowners about the importance of a clean fridge. While you take the opportunity to remove any unwanted food and clean up stains from the interior, you can also have a refrigerator repair service clean the coils and other exterior elements to ensure that your appliance can continue to run efficiently going forward. Here’s more about why this chore is so important and how to actually complete the task this month.

Celebrate Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day This November 15

Why Cleaning Your Fridge Is Beneficial

refrigerator repairAside from clearing room for more fresh food, cleaning your fridge also allows you to remove bacteria and old food remnants that can be especially unappetizing when you’re looking for a healthy snack. Removing any buildup around your fridge and removing bulky items can also help the appliance circulate air more effectively since it’s not being blocked by unnecessary food or debris. Finally, a clean fridge can help you save money by eliminating food waste since you’re able to more clearly see all the food you’ve purchased.

How to Clean Your Fridge

Refrigerator cleaning starts with removing all of the contents. Throw away what you’re not going to eat and set the rest aside. Then scrub the interior with a sponge and soapy water. Use baking soda to remove any stains that are particularly stubborn. For the exterior, have a refrigerator repair service inspect the coils and other components to see if they require extra cleaning. This step can help the appliance run more efficiently and last longer.


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