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5 Tips to Keep Your Veneers Beautiful November 12, 2018

Mount Carmel, Clermont
5 Tips to Keep Your Veneers Beautiful, Mount Carmel, Ohio

Veneers are custom-designed porcelain shells for your teeth that can fix a range of dental issues, from discoloration to chips and cracks. If you undergo this procedure, it’s natural that you want your new smile to look it’s best for as long as possible. The following advice explains the best way to care for your new smile.

Keep Your Veneers Looking Their Best With These 5 Tips

1. Steer Clear of Hard Substances

While veneers are very durable, they have been known to crack. Hard nuts, crunchy raw foods, or even ice could cause damage if you’re not careful. Also, refrain from chewing on inedible items, such as pen caps.

2. Practice Good Dental Care

While good dental hygiene is a must for all people, it’s especially important with veneers. Gum disease can cause tissue to recede, which may impact the look of your smile. Food debris can also become stuck as a result of receding gums, which will exacerbate decay.

3. Don’t Grind Your Teeth

Continuous grinding can cause cracking and chipping if you’re not careful. If you have issues grinding your teeth at night, consult with your dentist. He or she may prescribe a mouthguard, which can shield your teeth from damage.

4. Have Your Veneers Polished

veneersYou may want to visit your dentist more regularly to have them polish your veneers. This can bring back their shine if they have dulled over time. That can also ensure they look beautiful while making certain your natural teeth look just as good.

5. Cut Back on Alcohol

While moderate consumption should be acceptable, avoid drinking too much alcohol. Alcoholic beverages can impact the adhesives used for bonding, which may lead to further issues. Additionally, make sure any mouthwash you use is alcohol-free.


If you’re interested in veneers to update your smile, Eastgate Smiles Dental Care will help. Cincinnati patients trust these dentists for cosmetic dentistry procedures such as teeth whitening and preventive care such as routine teeth cleanings. If you’re in need of a pediatric dentist, this clinic can also help treat young patients to ensure they establish good oral health as early as possible. Call (513) 528-1150 to schedule your next appointment. You can also learn more about the services they offer by visiting their website.

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