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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Size Storage Unit October 24, 2018

Archdale, Randolph
3 Tips for Choosing the Right Size Storage Unit, Archdale, North Carolina

To maximize the effectiveness of a storage unit and minimize costs, it’s important to understand the best size unit for your needs. You don’t want to end up with not enough space on moving day or a unit that’s half-empty. Most household storage facilities have several sizes available. Use the tips below to make the best choice and find that perfect balance.

Picking the Best Household Storage Unit

1. Understand the Sizes

Stop by the facility to get a clear idea of what the different sizes look like in person. Here are some general guidelines to consider:

  • 5x10: This is good storage for a college student during summer or for extra space for those in apartments. Will hold a double mattress set, a dresser, and a few boxes.
  • 10X10: This size can fit a small apartment’s worth of furniture or a typical family room and two bedrooms.
  • 10x15: Store a small vehicle or motorcycle, jet ski, snowmobile, or a large apartment’s worth of furniture plus appliances.
  • 10x20 or 10x30: These sizes are perfect for household storage of an entire home, including appliances.

2. Take Inventory

Now that you understand what different unit sizes will hold, take inventory of your belongings. Measure larger items such as appliances, sofas, and king-size beds to make sure they will fit.

3. Other Considerations

household storageYou may need to use space creatively to maximize the square footage of the unit. This includes placing shelves or storing some items on their sides, such as large sofas or tall cabinets and dressers. How long will items be in storage? Will they be professionally packed or done by you? Length of storage time and efficiency of packing make a difference as to how much may fit and how carefully you will need to arrange items in the unit. Also, consider whether you will need to access the items during their time in storage. If yes, be sure to place needed items in front where they are easy to get to or select a unit that is big enough to create “hallway” spaces for locating items or boxes.


Carolina Self Storage is a friendly, family-owned business serving Archdale, NC, with over 600 household storage units at their facility. Choose from five sizes and affordable rates to find the perfect unit for your needs. Managers are available on-site, and clients can access units seven days a week. Call (336) 434-4367 for more information or visit their website to see costs and sizes available.



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