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How To Choose Backyard Swing Sets October 26, 2018

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How To Choose Backyard Swing Sets, Urbandale, Iowa

It's difficult to get children outside and to participate in healthy, physical activity, on a consistent basis. But backyard swing sets go a long way in encouraging this activity. To create fun, lasting memories, you need to find wooden play sets that meet your family’s needs and fit in your backyard. Here are a few factors you should consider when choosing a swing set.

Age-Appropriate Fun

swing setsSwing sets are designed for a variety of age groups, and for good reason. After all, the activities that are appropriate and enjoyable for your 7-year-old aren’t the same as what will be safe for your toddler. Because of this, parents should consider both the current and future abilities of their children to avoid purchasing unsafe equipment. Customizable swing sets with multiple accessories tend to provide better long-term value, as they can be adjusted for different activities as your children grow older. 

Yard Space & Safety

When selecting swing sets, be aware of how much space the new installation will use. The number of swings and the height of the set will directly impact the size of the area that needs to be left open for safe play. Be mindful of any obstacles that could impede the installation of your swing set — especially potentially dangerous objects like trees that can’t be removed.

Understanding how much of your yard could be used for a swing set (as well as which part of the yard would be best suited for an installation) will likely affect the size and style that works best for your family.


By doing your research, you’ll be able to find swing sets that spark your child’s imagination and create new social opportunities. You’ll find plenty of great options to choose from at Backyard Adventures of Iowa. Serving the Des Moines, IA area since 2002, their high-quality play sets and outdoor furniture are backed by generous warranties so your family can enjoy outdoor fun for many years to come. To learn more about current deals on their products, visit them online or call (515) 270-2433.

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