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Why Your Car Needs a Pre-Winter Tuneup November 7, 2018

North Madison, Lake
Why Your Car Needs a Pre-Winter Tuneup, North Madison, Ohio

With winter around the corner, drivers in snowy regions dread the impending icy conditions and blizzards coming their way. While you can’t change the weather, you can ward off any potential car issues with a scheduled tuneup before winter starts. To avoid a season plagued by dead batteries and scary drives down icy roads, local auto shop technicians service these parts of your car.

Under the Hood


tune upAlso known as antifreeze, this component assures that your engine neither freezes nor overheats. You should clean, flush out, and replace coolant every two years. Place it at the top of your tuneup list if you don’t remember doing so last year.


This flexible plastic part is the cooling system’s weakest structural component. Hoses hold coolant under extreme heat and cold conditions while absorbing the vibrations between the engine and the radiator or the body’s firewall. If they malfunction, your engine will not be able to receive coolant and maintain a healthy temperature. They should be replaced about every 100,000 miles but should be checked during regular tuneups for damage.

Charging System

Car batteries tend to be finicky in cold weather, suffering discharge from the winter climate. Have a mechanic check that it doesn’t need to be replaced, otherwise you might find yourself stranded.

On the Surface


Tires with good treads are important all year-round, but they are vital in snowy weather. Icy roads are difficult enough to navigate, and fresh all-weather or snow tires will assure you aren’t sliding around in freezing temperatures.

Wiper Blades

If your wiper blades withstood a snowy winter last year, you should probably replace them for fresh blades. Rubber-clad blades are particularly resilient, and they can be quickly installed during your pre-winter tuneup. 

Your car deserves the best service to prep for winter. For over 50 years, Madison Muffler and Auto Inc. has provided excellence in an array of auto services to the Madison, OH, area. With top-notch training, their technicians can handle anything from a simple tuneup to a full transmission repair with accuracy and efficiency. To learn more about their full range of services, call Madison Muffler and Auto Inc. at (44) 428-2677 or visit their website.