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Motorcycle Insurance Agents Discuss 3 Important Safety Tips October 24, 2018

Albemarle, Stanly
Motorcycle Insurance Agents Discuss 3 Important Safety Tips, Albemarle, North Carolina

A motorcycle is a truly unique way to enjoy the freedom of the open road. Although it’s an exhilarating, adventurous experience, the harsh reality is that motorcycling can be very dangerous if proper safety precautions are not taken. Riders can protect themselves on the road with a comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy and by following these important safety tips.

3 Ways to Be a Safe Motorcycle Rider

1. Wear a Helmet

Although not every state requires you to wear a motorcycle helmet, they are essential for a safe ride. Wearing a helmet protects you from a serious head injury if you are involved in an accident and has the added benefit of keeping your motorcycle insurance rate low. The best option is a full-face helmet that’s certified by the Department of Transportation.

2. Drive Defensively

Motorcycle drivers need to be constantly alert while riding. Defensive driving helps you stay focused on the road, maintain awareness of your surroundings, and react quickly to avoid an accident. While you’re riding, be on the lookout for cars pulling out from side streets or suddenly changing lanes. Also, keep a safe following distance to ensure you have enough time to react to any obstacles in the road. 

3. Maintain Your Motorcycle

motorcycle maintenanceThe best way to ensure you have a smooth ride is to check that all fluid levels and major systems are in good working order. Always perform a visual inspection to ensure your brakes, headlight, turn signals, and tires are working properly before you ride your bike. While you can’t predict and prevent all mechanical failures and breakdowns, you can greatly reduce the risk by properly maintaining your motorcycle. 

A Affordable Insurance Services LLC, a local insurance agency located in Albemarle, NC, offers specialized, reliable motorcycle insurance policies designed to keep you safe while you’re out on the road in Stanly County. Give them a call at (704) 986-2222 to speak to an insurance agent about their motorcycle and auto insurance policies. You can also visit them online to learn more about this local insurance agency.

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