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3 Common Misconceptions About Scuba Diving November 15, 2018

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3 Common Misconceptions About Scuba Diving, Kettering, Ohio

If you consider yourself a competent scuba diving enthusiast, odds are that you hold on to a few common beliefs about the water sport. While some may be based in truth, many of them aren’t exactly accurate—and can in fact be completely debunked. Before getting your scuba diving certification, take the time to review these fallacies.

A Guide to Common Diving Misconceptions

1. Exotic Climates Only

scuba diving certificationWhile there’s certainly an allure about going scuba diving in a tropical climate and enjoying the beauty of vivid undersea life somewhere far from home, you don’t need to be thousands of miles away to partake in the sport. With some research, you’ll likely find plenty of diving sites in your area, along with organizations that provide scuba diving certification, lessons, and equipment.

2. Sharks All Around

Worrying about sharks is a valid fear that can cause anyone to think twice about dipping a toe in the water. Bear in mind, however, that scuba diving excursions typically take place in environments that are known for their safety. Short of grabbing your diving equipment and exploring the waters in an area unknown to you and possibly unsafe, you are unlikely to encounter a shark. Most importantly, beginners need not worry when they obtain their scuba diving certification—you’ll be in the company of professionals and only in the safest waters.

3. Too Much Gear

Part of the reason the sport seems so daunting to beginners is that it appears to require plenty of diving equipment. It’s true that you’ll need a few key items, but it’s not nearly what you may imagine. All that’s required is a snorkel, a protective mask, and a pair of fins. With these three pieces, you’ll be set for a successful scuba diving session. Even then, you can simply rent your equipment until you begin spending more time in the water.


Once you’ve cleared up these basic misconceptions, you’ll feel much more confident heading into the water! Turn to the experts at Southern Ohio Diving Academy to obtain your scuba diving certification and get started on an exciting new journey today. Based in Dayton, OH, they offer lessons led by qualified instructors, plus a wide range of equipment and supplies. Their goal is simple: to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable as you become familiar with diving. Visit them online to find out about learning to dive, or call them at (937) 298-2999.

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