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3 Factors to Determine if You Need a Replacement Garage Door October 31, 2018

Rochester, Monroe
3 Factors to Determine if You Need a Replacement Garage Door, Rochester, New York

Did you know that a replacement garage door can boost your home’s value by 98.3% of its installation cost? Whether you plan on selling your house soon or want to increase its curb appeal, upgrading the overhead door is a worthwhile endeavor. Depending on your budget and needs, this can include either a repair or new system. Here’s how to figure out which option is right for you.

How to Choose Between Garage Door Repair & Replacement

1. Curb Appeal

Do you want to improve your home’s appearance or increase its value? A replacement garage door can transform your property and give it a new aesthetic. There are various styles to choose from to complement the existing architecture. For instance, you can swap out traditional metal for a wooden door, choose a design with windows, or opt for a carriage style that swings out.

2. Breakdowns & Noise

garage door replacementIf your garage door has never had an issue before, speak with a professional about whether a repair will suffice. However, if you have had repeated breakdowns or there is excessive noise every time it opens or closes, a replacement garage door might be the most cost-effective solution. A new installation saves you money on continued maintenance and fixes.

3. Insulation

The quality of your garage door impacts your home’s energy efficiency. If the weather strips and seals are worn, a quick repair improves insulation. However, if it’s been years since a system replacement, you will likely benefit from a modern unit that better reduces your heating and cooling costs. During installation, a professional will patch up any vulnerable spots that let warm or cool air escape. 


Whether you need a replacement garage door or a repair, contact the team at Felluca Overhead Door Inc in Rochester, NY. They have more than 100 years of experience handling maintenance, fixes, and installations. Family-owned and operated for three generations, they offer an unmatched level of expertise and attentiveness to clients’ needs. Learn more about how they can assist by visiting online. Call 585) 467-2391 today to schedule an appointment.

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