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3 Reasons to Install an Electronic Access Control System November 1, 2018

Kips Bay, Manhattan
3 Reasons to Install an Electronic Access Control System, Manhattan, New York

House keys have changed shape and become more complex as metal-cutting technologies improved, but aside from that, they are little different than they were 200 years ago. However, modern access control systems provide other, more convenient options. If you're considering switching to this type of lock, below are some of the most important benefits.

3 Benefits of an Electronic Combination Lock

1. No Keys Necessary

Sometimes, keys are just a burden. If you're going jogging, swimming, or otherwise working or working out, you may not want a keyring in your pocket. It's additional weight and something important you have to keep track of. An electronic combination lock provides the security of a locked door without the need to carry keys.

2. No Lockouts

Access control system in New York, NYMany doors—particularly in apartment buildings—automatically lock behind you. Some even swing shut automatically. With an electronic access control system, you no longer have to worry about lockouts. You simply type in the entry code on the keypad to unlock the door, and voila! No key required.

3. Wi-Fi Controls

Today, you can even connect your electronic access control system to your home Wi-Fi network to lock and unlock the door while you're away from home. Did you forget to lock it on your way out? No problem, you can do it from work. Need to let a neighbor in to feed your cat or water your plants? It's easy with a smart, connected lock.

If you're tired of keeping track of your house keys and calling for home lockout service, an electronic combination access control system may be the solution for you. Contact ADA NY Locksmith Inc. They offer 24-hour emergency service and have been serving Manhattan from their East 26th Street storefront for more than 30 years. They can rekey your existing locks, replace the whole hardware, and replace restricted keyways. Visit their Facebook page for directions and store hours or call (212) 689-1803 to schedule service with a friendly, helpful locksmith.

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