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Improve The Air Quality in Your Home With The Help of a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company June 12, 2015

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Improve The Air Quality in Your Home With The Help of a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company, Florence, Kentucky

Did you know that you could enjoy a few health benefits from getting your carpets professionally cleaned by Blue Sky Carpet Cleaning of Florence, KY? While weekly vacuuming does decrease the amount of dust and hair in your house, hiring a team of expert rug cleaners guarantees a healthier atmosphere in your home.

When a member of your family suffers from a breathing condition, it’s even more essential to keep your floors clean. Ask any of the team members from Blue Sky Carpet Cleaning and they will tell you that there are at least three health benefits to getting your carpets professionally cleaned:

  • Eliminates trapped pollutants: There are indoor air pollutants that get trapped within the dust particles in your carpet and then are released as people walk on it. The special shampooing formula and the high-powered vacuums used by professional carpet cleaners are the only way to thoroughly eliminate the bacteria.
  • Clear out dust mite infestations: The particles left behind by these microscopic creatures cause allergy symptoms. High-heat steam cleaning is a carpet cleaning company’s solution to kill dust mites.
  • Prevent mold growth: Humidity leads to mold growth. Make sure your carpets are dry with the help of the high-powered drying tools used by carpet cleaners.

You can depend on the team of professional carpet cleaners from Blue Sky Carpet Cleaning. They specialize in a wide variety of floor cleaning services that will improve the air quality in your home. Call them at (859) 307-5690 for all of your carpet cleaning, carpet stain removal, and grout cleaning needs.