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5 Tips for Successfully Hunting Deer October 18, 2018

Carrollton, Carroll
5 Tips for Successfully Hunting Deer, Carrollton, Kentucky

Deer season has begun, and you want to continue your success during hunts. There are a few ways to increase your chances of finding and hitting your targets with accuracy and ease. After you’ve visited the gun shop for your ammunition and hunting accessories, try these tips on your next trip.

How to Improve Your Hunting Skills

1. Perfect Placement

Gun shop owners and seasoned hunters agree that where you situate yourself makes all the difference during a deer hunt. These animals are hyper-aware of the hunters nearby and will make a quick escape if spooked. Locate trails and routes where deer search for food that provides you with plenty of places to conceal yourself. Make sure your spot has enough cover and a clear line of sight.

2. Go Remote

gun shopChoose a spot that is not already saturated with fellow hunters. Deer will keep away from high-traffic areas, so finding an isolated hideout may be your best bet. Scope out a remote ditch or ravine, and make that your camp for the day. You can also place yourself in grassy cover near an open field and quietly wait for deer.

3. Camouflage Mask

Don’t let the deer see you and run scared. Make a mask of charcoal to hide your face as you lie in wait. Smash a charcoal briquette into powder and rub it on your skin. Besides being a great disguise that washes off easily, charcoal also masks your scent.

4. Tools & Accessories

A trip to the gun shop for the right firearm and ammunition is essential, but there are other tools besides guns that can help you during a deer hunt. Items like trail cameras can help you observe the actions and movement of your target. There are also apps for smartphones that allow you to monitor deer activity. They include mapping features to help you track property boundaries and even which areas are thick with cover.

5. Rut Hunting

The mating season for deer, call the rut, can make for a fruitful hunt. Bucks will seek their doe in a bedding area for breeding. After locating these areas, bide your time patiently and you will encounter plenty of deer for a prosperous season. Be cautious with your movements, however, so you don’t inadvertently scare them away.


Before you head out for your next deer hunt, head to Glauber’s Sports in Carrollton, KY, for your guns and hunting accessories. The gun shop offers everything you need for a successful season, including ammunition and apparel. Family-owned for more than a century, they have the widest selection of guns, bows, and arrows. Call the gun shop at (800) 557­-3380 or head to their website to view their store gallery.

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