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3 Benefits of Smart Home Lighting Fixtures for Your Clients October 23, 2018

Lincoln, Lancaster
3 Benefits of Smart Home Lighting Fixtures for Your Clients, Lincoln, Nebraska

Smart home lighting is becoming a popular choice for homeowners. The fact that each of the individual lights can be controlled throughout the house without having to physically touch a light switch is one of the main appeals for this new technology. If you are in the process of helping a client with an upgrade, here are the top three benefits of having smart lighting fixtures installed.

Why Smart Home Lighting Fixtures Are Right for Your Clients

1. Convenience

lighting fixturesThe products in a smart home system come equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, which means they can be controlled directly from a mobile device. Your client could be sitting on the couch in the middle of the living room or out running errands with the kids and still have control over when the lights turn on and off. This is especially helpful for when they leave on vacation or a long business trip and want to toggle lights on and off to make the home look occupied.

2. Energy Efficiency

The LED bulbs that are used by many smart home lighting fixtures could end up saving you money on energy bills. These products are known to use approximately 70-90% less energy than the average light bulb and will last for about 15,000 hours. This combined with the convenient control capabilities of these smart home products can instantly reduce the amount of energy used, making your home much more environmentally friendly.

3. Mood Lighting

The adjustable options of smart home lighting fixtures allow homeowners total customization. Whether they’re in the mood to relax for the evening or require task-specific lights in certain areas of the house, there are settings available within the system for selecting the level of brightness. This will alleviate the need to continuously turn the lights on and off and could make it easier to perform various activities.


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