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How Commercial Truck Lettering Benefits Your Business October 29, 2018

East New York, Brooklyn
How Commercial Truck Lettering Benefits Your Business, Brooklyn, New York

For many businesses, especially small or local companies, finding effective ways to use a limited marketing budget is tricky. If you’re a small business owner, truck lettering provides the perfect solution to help you reach a wider audience without breaking the bank. Here’s a closer look at how fleet graphics will benefit your brand.

Why Truck Lettering Matters


Quality television commercials cost thousands of dollars to film and edit – and then several thousand more for a single on-air placement. Factor in the cost of repeatedly airing the ad during competitive time slots, and expenses add up quite quickly. Though truck or van wraps and signage may cost a few thousand dollars, they’re a one-time expense, helping you save money. Truck lettering is also durable, lasting for years without needing replacement. 

Evergreen Advertising

truck letteringA TV ad or radio spot lasts for 30 seconds, but with truck lettering, you have a way to make a lasting impression. Each time you drive a company vehicle around town, you advertise your business and help your brand stick in the minds of potential customers. The more you drive, the more people will see your branding and want to learn more about your business. Unlike billboards, which are stationary, there’s no limit to the reach of your mobile advertising. 

Stand Out From the Competition

With a creative design, truck lettering can be a great way to stand out from the competition. While your business rivals are focused on advertising methods that are more costly than effective, you can stand out with a bold design that potential customers will remember long after you drive away. Quality visuals make a great first impression. 


Need help coming up with a quality truck lettering campaign? DTM Signs and Truck Wraps in Brooklyn, NY, serves as a one-stop shop for truck wraps and signage, assisting with everything from design and printing to installation. They offer rapid service and now have financing available. To learn more about how their award-winning team will improve your vehicle marketing or to request a free quote, check out their online portfolio or give them a call at (347) 312-5488.

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