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Why You Should Eat Pie for Breakfast November 20, 2018

North Shore, Koolauloa
Why You Should Eat Pie for Breakfast, Koolauloa, Hawaii

The smell of delicious, rich, warm pie is a dessert classic, but did you know you can eat it for breakfast too? Eating pie for breakfast isn’t a new idea. Romans and Egyptians enjoyed pie in pastry form, and meat pies were a breakfast staple during the 16th century. Here’s a guide to pie, including a brief history and why eating it for breakfast is worthwhile.

The History of Pie 

The word “pye” first appeared in the 14th century in Europe, and it’s believed that the Romans introduced it throughout the continent during their conquests. Leading up to the 18th century, cultures across Europe created unique pies, many of which had fish, pork, or meat in them. They were favored by the lower class because they were generally cheap to make. When the early colonists brought pie to the United States, it became very popular and was often enjoyed as a breakfast dish. Farming families ate pie because they needed a rich, filling dish to start their day. As more European settlers arrived, pies became increasingly popular.

Why Eat Pie for Breakfast?

pie-teds-bakeryCoffee pairs well with pie, especially those with crème fillings. While pie fillings and toppings can be decadent, many are loaded with vitamin-rich fruit. Crusts can also include nuts and oatmeal, two foods that are rich in protein. Fillings like butternut squash, pumpkin, and sweet potato add a healthy dose of vegetables to your day. 


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