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4 Ways to Make a Small Home Appear Larger October 23, 2018

North Haven, New Haven County
4 Ways to Make a Small Home Appear Larger, North Haven, Connecticut

Just as visual tricks can make small spaces look bigger, they can also give a modestly sized home a more spacious appearance. A home improvement contractor can assist in making many of these ideas a reality. The key is in taking advantage of the most effective tactics to scale up your property. Even the smallest changes can help maximize your living space. Here is a guide to revamping tight quarters so that they look and feel as roomy as possible.

How to Make a Small House Look Bigger

1. Use Light Hues

home improvement contractorAlways err on the paler end of the spectrum if your goal is to size up. Lighter colors naturally make rooms look larger, while dark shades tend to create a boxed-in feel. If you absolutely must have one dark hue in the room, consider painting a single wall as an accent. Otherwise, think light, bright, and airy.

2. Open the Space

An open floor plan can make an enormous difference in the way the home looks. Segregated rooms feel tight and closed off, while a single, large space appears large and inviting. A home improvement contractor can zero in on the areas that require some attention, like the wall separating your kitchen from your family room.

3. Add Some Mirrors

Mirrors are natural focal points that instantly double the appearance of the home. It’s a visual trick that won’t actually buy you any space — but it gives such an effective illusion of space and depth that it’s smart to use if your primary goal is simply to enlarge a room. A properly positioned mirror will also reflect sunlight and give the space a brighter and more open look during the daytime.

4. Install Tall Windows

A window replacement may be just what your small home needs. You can expand any room in your house by having a home improvement contractor install tall windows. Floor-to-ceiling windows are beautiful choices that add elegance and allow even more sunshine to filter through and brighten the space. And, because you have a natural view of a broad outdoor space, it helps create a connection that seems unlimited to the eye. You won’t necessarily feel like you’re in a cramped space with large windows around you.


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