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4 FAQ About Dinner Cruise Charter Services November 7, 2018

West Berkeley, Berkeley
4 FAQ About Dinner Cruise Charter Services, Berkeley, California

People looking for a unique venue to host a personal or professional event should consider hiring a charter service for a dinner cruise. From luxury vessels to tasty meals and beautiful scenery, your event is sure to be memorable when it’s spent cruising the coast. Below are four questions people frequently ask about these services to help you decide if they’re the right option for you.

Considering a Charter Service? Read These 4 FAQ

Is the boat Coast Guard-certified?

It’s important to schedule a charter service with a company that maintains their boats to the highest standard. That means working with a team that has Coast Guard-certified vessels, as these boats provide the appropriate safety measures to ensure the health and well-being of their staff and guests. 

What amenities do you offer?

charter serviceEvery boat cruise is different, so it’s a good idea to look into what amenities a company offers. For example, some provide vessels with plenty of deck space so you can lounge outside and even eat in the fresh air. Look into whether the vessel features dancing and good music to facilitate a romantic evening. Also, ask about the food! This important part of a dinner cruise facilitates conversation and provides tasty fuel while you watch the sunset.

How many people can attend?

Are you looking for a dinner cruise for a small group of friends or a larger corporate event? Many charter services offer gatherings for small parties of 10 or large gatherings up to 85 people. Look into which boat is right for your needs.

Is it likely that I will get seasick?

Many people are unsure if a dinner cruise will potentially make them feel seasick. Thanks to expert captains and stable, well-maintained vessels this shouldn’t be an issue. However, those who are concerned may talk to their doctors about ways to mitigate the potential side effects of seasickness to ensure their trip is memorable in all the right ways.


If you’re interested in booking a dinner cruise in the Berkeley area, contact Compass Rose Yacht Charters in Alameda County, CA. The company is in their 25th year of providing charter service offerings around the San Francisco Bay. To learn about their available yachts for small and large parties and luxury cruising, call (510) 523-9500. Visit the website for information on their fleet of vessels including their flagship Voyager and Hatteras yacht that are captained by their experienced team.

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