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How to Handle Homesickness After Moving November 1, 2018

Maplewood, Rochester
How to Handle Homesickness After Moving, Rochester, New York

As exciting as moving can be, homesickness may set in once the movers leave. Sometimes missing your old place becomes overwhelming, especially if you are in a new town far away from friends and loved ones. To help cope with these emotions, here are a few tips.

Familiar Places

After the movers unload your boxes and you start settling in, think about what you liked to do in your old town. Find activities and places that remind you of them to ease the transition. Join a religious group or sports club where you can continue to practice important aspects of your life. Head to a local library and seek out book clubs or other groups they may host. This will keep you busy in areas that interest you and help you meet new people.

moversExplore your new town and seek out local spots to incorporate into your routine. This can be as simple as finding the post office and supermarket or choosing a coffee shop to get your daily brew before work. Making the unknown more familiar will make you feel less out of place.

Stay Connected

Whether you choose to keep in touch by sending letters and postcards or you opt for more modern ways of communicating, staying in touch with friends and family will make you feel less disconnected from your old life. Smartphones offer video chatting and special features such as FaceTime that allow you to see and hear those dear to you. Other ways to stay connected include text messages, emails, and social media such as Facebook and Instagram. By using these tools, you will keep up with those close to you and see what is going on in your old neighborhood.

Every so often, take a trip back to your old home, especially if you have children who miss their friends. Set up play dates and get-togethers, and visit favorite spots such as parks or shops. In time, the feeling of homesickness will lessen and your new home will be just as comfortable as your last one.


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