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How to Keep Your Brand Visible During the Holidays October 23, 2018

Glassboro, Gloucester
How to Keep Your Brand Visible During the Holidays, Glassboro, New Jersey

Although you may not realize it, the holidays can be a tough time for businesses. Regular customers are busy saving for gifts, and prospective clients face an onslaught of advertisements everywhere they go. It’s easy for small businesses to get lost in all this commotion. To keep your brand current and visible this holiday season, utilize these three print and digital marketing tips.

A Guide to Print & Digital Marketing Over the Holidays

1. Update Your Website

Both current and prospective customers actively seek brands they’re interested in online. The easiest way to make your company stand out is to get festive. Update the website to show the holiday spirit. For example, add a holiday banner or other seasonal graphics such as snowflakes to the menu bar. These simple changes show customers that the brand is keeping up with the seasons—just like they are.

2. Offer Discounts

Digital MarketingDiscounts drive purchases. The more your customers feel like they’re getting a great deal, the more they’re likely to spend. Consider offering holiday discounts online, and make sure those discounts are clearly communicated on your homepage and through your social media campaigns.

If you’re not ready to offer widespread discounts, then tailor a digital marketing strategy to existing customers. Offer an exclusive discount code to people on your email list and reward their loyalty to your brand.

3. Get Creative With Advertising

Videos and other types of social media advertising are great ways to get your brand and mission out to new customers. Work with a digital marketing agency to develop a seasonal ad campaign that communicates who your brand is and what you’re offering during the holiday season. Don’t be afraid to get creative, but make sure the message stays true to your mission. For example, create a fun skit where famous holiday characters showcase your unique inventory. Then, post this video on your different social media accounts.   


Keeping your brand current and visible during the holidays is key to surviving the end-of-year slump. Let the digital marketing professionals at Clearbridge Branding Agency in Glassboro, NJ, create and implement a solid branding strategy for your company. Whether you’re looking for assistance with social media advertising or need a dedicated expert to revamp your website design, they’re ready to help. Learn more about their services online and call (856) 327-4141 to schedule a consultation.