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3 Tips for Attending Your Child’s First Gymnastics Competition October 23, 2018

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3 Tips for Attending Your Child’s First Gymnastics Competition, Penfield, New York

Preceding the first gymnastics competition, children’s emotions may range anywhere from scared to ecstatic and anxious. However, the young competitors may not be the only ones — many parents also experience some nerves out of concern and care for their little ones. To ease stress and ensure the big day goes smoothly, follow these tips.

How to Prepare for Your Child’s First Gymnastics Competition

1. Offer Support

As your child’s role model, set an example by remaining calm and positive about the competition. Rather than asking if they feel prepared, open up the table for discussion. Perhaps ask how they feel about the event, and inquire as to what they’re most excited about. You may want to reflect upon a time where you felt nervous about a competition that ended up being fun.

2. Pack the Day Before

gymnasticsThe day before the competition, pack a lunch, large bottle of water, and some healthy snacks to help your child remain satiated throughout the day. In addition to all required clothing and equipment, you may also want to bring along a pair of headphones and music player to help your child unwind before or after the competition. By prepping the bag the day before, you can reduce stress on competition day and avoid issues.

3. Start the Day Off Right

Adequate levels of sleep, regular exercise, and proper nutrition will help your child remain calm and energized before competition day. The day before, ensure your child heads to bed early; in the morning, prepare a well-rounded breakfast. Before your child takes off to join the other gymnasts, give your child a warm hug and words of encouragement.


Help your child excel in gymnastics when you enroll at Monroe County, New York’s top gym. The Gymnastics Training Center of Rochester helps children of all ages attain the skills and support they need to have fun and thrive. To learn more about gymnastics, dance, and tumbling classes, visit the local team online or call today at (585) 388-8686.

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