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Why Will a Judge Deny Bail? October 25, 2018

Why Will a Judge Deny Bail?, ,

When you or a loved one is arrested, getting the accused out on bail needs to happen as soon as possible. In some cases, however, even the quickest-issued bail bond won’t buy someone their freedom if a judge denies bail. While this outcome only occurs in limited circumstances, a person is usually denied bail for highly justified reasons. 

Reasons a Judge Will Deny a Defendant Bail

Flight Risk

bail bondWhen arranging a bail bond, a suspect gives an unspoken vow to the bail bondsman to appear at their scheduled court date in exchange for their freedom. If there is any risk that the suspect will fail to keep this promise, a judge will deny bail. Circumstances include:

  • If the accused is a foreign resident that has potential to flee the country to avoid a conviction.
  • If the accused has a questionable attitude at their arraignment.
  • If a credible source has given the judge reason to believe the accused is a flight risk.
  • If the accused has failed to show up to court dates in the past.

This case in arrest proceedings assures that those charged for crimes are held accountable—even if it means additional jail time before they are tried or convicted.

Threat to Society

With more severe crimes, a suspect will be denied bail because they are a potential threat to the public if they are released before their court date. The defendant will be held if they are accused of:

  • Crimes of violence
  • Crimes that have a maximum penalty if convicted
  • Drug offenses that can carry 10+ years in prison if convicted
  • Any felony, if the accused has a minimum of two prior felony convictions
  • Felonies that involve child victims, weapons, or failure to register as a sex offender

A judge ultimately makes this call by weighing the risk of having this individual back in society.

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