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3 Important Safety Tips for Using 4-Wheel Drive in a Used SUV October 24, 2018

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3 Important Safety Tips for Using 4-Wheel Drive in a Used SUV, Gorst, Washington

Four-wheel drive can be a useful feature for drivers, especially during the winter months as snow and ice build up. This is what you should look for if you’re shopping around for a used SUV. However, some drivers tend to get overly confident with their four-wheel drive system engaged, which can lead to accidents. To stay safe on the road, here are some essential driving tips to keep in mind, especially when driving older or used vehicles.

How to Stay Safe While Using 4-Wheel Drive

1. Learn How to Engage Your System

Each vehicle manufacturer has a different procedure for turning four-wheel drive on. Don’t wait until you’re careening down a snow and ice covered highway to look around for it, as that can lead to a distraction-induced accident. Instead, search for this button or switch before you even purchase a used SUV, and test it if possible. In some older vehicles, you may even have to engage four-wheel drive when the car is fully stopped.

2. Maintain It Regularly

used suvsThese systems don’t always work properly if they’ve been sitting idle for years, so you should engage them every few months, even if it’s not necessary. Just drive around a parking lot after a rainstorm, if possible. Additionally, if you’re just buying a used vehicle with four-wheel drive, have a professional inspect the system before the winter.

3. Keep Tires Inflated

Even if your wheels can engage properly, it’s not going to do you much good if the tires are uneven or the tread is too worn. To avoid this, invest in regular tire rotations so that the front and back tires get similar levels of wear. Then, before the winter hits, make sure all tires are fully inflated, and have them inspected for tread issues if they’re older, especially if you’ve recently purchased a used vehicle.


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