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3 Exercises Ideal for Assisted Living Residents October 31, 2018

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3 Exercises Ideal for Assisted Living Residents, Freedom, Wisconsin

Staying active is important for the elderly. Exercise supports immune system functionality and mental health, and seniors can benefit from frequent, low-impact workouts. If you have a loved one in an assisted living community, invite them to explore the following exercise options to support optimal overall health.

3 Exercises for Elderly Individuals in Assisted Living

1. Yoga

Yoga is among the most beneficial types of exercises the elderly population can perform. Hailed for its stress-reducing benefits, it also blends strength and flexibility to provide a comprehensive fitness program with seniors’ needs in mind.  Additionally, most yoga flows are low-impact, which is why yoga is a popular choice for people with joint injuries or chronic illnesses such as osteoporosis or arthritis.

2. Walking

Taking walks most days of the week is recommended for seniors, as it can boost cardiovascular health. Elevating the heart rate for an extended period of time can improve circulation, build endurance, and support greater overall wellbeing. Plus, it does not require the use of equipment and can be done anywhere. For greater mental health benefits, individuals can walk with a friend to support socialization.  

3. Strength Exercisesassisted living

As people age, it’s common to experience periods of inactivity and changing muscle composition. This can make it difficult to perform activities which were once easy, such as going down stairs or lifting objects. Strengthening the muscles and joints through targeted exercises, such as light dumbbell curls and chair squats, can support the health of the musculoskeletal system. Just be sure your loved one has received the approval of their physician before performing these exercises.


If your senior could benefit from the attentive, round-the-clock care of an assisted living facility, allow them to receive the services they need at Country Villa Assisted Living. With locations in Omro, Pulaski, and Freedom, WI, this care facility has spacious and inviting living quarters where your loved one will receive the quality care they need to support their mental and physical health. Learn more about their locations by visiting their website or call (920) 859-0315 to speak with a helpful associate at their Omro facility.

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