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Why Do Kids’ Dentists Require X-Rays? October 23, 2018

Downtown Eagle River, Anchorage
Why Do Kids’ Dentists Require X-Rays? , Anchorage, Alaska

If you’ve taken your child to a kids’ dentist recently, they have likely had a set of dental X-rays performed. While this form of imaging has become a routine aspect of dental care, some parents may wonder why it’s required. Discover why X-rays are critical for your children’s overall health. 

Why X-Rays Are Recommended by Kids’ Dentists

What Is Their Purpose in Dentistry?

Dental x-rays are a powerful diagnostic tool which allow dentists to detect oral damage and disease long before patients notice symptoms. This form of imaging provides a detailed picture of the tooth root and surrounding bone structure. With these images, dentists can ensure oral development is happening as it should, which is critically important in children and young adults. In addition to the teeth and gums, the health of the jawbone is also monitored through X-rays. Many types of dental anomalies requiring treatment can be spotted with X-rays, including unerupted teeth, causes of oral swelling, and developing cavities.

What Are the Different Types of Dental X-Rays?

Bitewing X-rays are used to look at the molars, while periapical X-rays can achieve a close look at a single tooth. Panoramic X-rays are frequently used in children’s dentistry as they provide an all-encompassing view of the mouth to monitor general oral development. Both orthodontic and occlusal X-rays can be used to assess the patient’s bite and plan for orthodontics if needed.

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

kids dentistThe American Dental Association (ADA) considers dental x-rays to be generally safe. While they do expose patients to low levels of radiation, devices such as leaded aprons and collars are used by most kids’ dentists to minimize radiation exposure. The potentially harmful effects of radiation exposure are minimal, and the benefits of this imaging service are tremendous. It allows dentists to diagnose and treat issues in their earliest possible stages, thereby helping patients of all ages avoid painful symptoms, invasive treatments, or infection later on.


If your child is due for their dental exam and routine x-rays, contact Discovery Dental. As a trusted kids’ dentist in Eagle River, AK, this office caters exclusively to youths to provide a welcoming and comfortable environment for children. Learn more about their pediatric dentistry services online or call (907) 622-5437 to schedule an appointment.

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