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"When I lost my hands making LG Flatscreens I can't afford, nobody would help me" June 11, 2015

West University, Austin
"When I lost my hands making LG Flatscreens I can't afford, nobody would help me", Austin, Texas

The Public Justice Foundation will honor Hendler Lyons Flores, PLLC client Rosa Moreno with the national Illuminating Injustice Award on July 13, 2015. Read Rosa's story, in her own words, as it appears iin today's (June 11) edition of The Guardian Newspaper. 

The lawyers and professional legal staff of Hendler Lyons Flores, PLLC have been inspired by Rosa's undaunted courage and eloquent dignity in the face of life changing injuries. We regard it as a privilege to represent her and will continue to take on the compelling and cutting edge cases that have been our hallmark for 22 years.

Since Rosa's story appeared today, thousands of people moved by her ordeal have expressed interest in making a donation to support her and her family. If you would like to help, you can do so at Rosa's fund here or here.  All funds raised will go exclusively to support Rosa and her family.

Read Rosa's story. Count your blessings. Be inspired. Take action. 

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