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3 Reasons Landlords Should Furnish Rental Properties October 22, 2018

Gulf Shores, Baldwin
3 Reasons Landlords Should Furnish Rental Properties, Gulf Shores, Alabama

As a property owner, you’re probably focused on protecting your investment and ensuring a positive experience for your renters. Fortunately, you can make progress on both fronts by doing something as simple as adding furniture to the space. Here are three smart reasons to furnish rental properties. 

Why Should You Furnish Your Rental Property?

1. Fetch Higher Rental Prices 

When apartments are well furnished, it improves the visual appeal of the space, which can help you market the property and attract interested tenants. The convenience of furnished apartments, in combination with their limited supply on the market, means you can charge premium rents. Since prospective tenants won’t have to invest in their own furniture, they are willing to pay these higher rents.

2. Protect Your Property

When tenants move large pieces of furniture in and out of your property, it can be hard on the flooring and doorways. If there is enough harm to the space, you might have to pay for repairs before new tenants can move in. By furnishing your rental property, you can prevent undue damage, saving you time and money. 

3.  Rental Flexibility furniture

Providing renters with a furnished space gives you more rental options as a landlord. Furnished apartments typically appeal to those moving cross-country as well as young tenants with limited funds. For these groups, transporting furniture thousands of miles or furnishing an entire space upfront might be too costly. In addition, furnished apartments appeal to short-term renters, and are a smart option if you want to rent your space out to vacationers.


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