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How Is Value Determined for Junk Car Removal? November 19, 2018

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How Is Value Determined for Junk Car Removal?, Anderson, Ohio

There’s no reason to let a junk car sit idle in your yard — which is why many drivers choose to enlist the services of a towing company to get rid of the vehicle. Junk car removal doesn’t just clean up your yard — it can actually provide you with extra cash for your wallet. Of course, how much you earn can vary significantly from vehicle to vehicle. Here’s a closer look at the factors that determine the value of your junk car.

Make & Model

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that your vehicle’s make, model, and year are among the first factors used to determine the value of your junk car. Demand for OEM and aftermarket parts can vary significantly based on vehicle type. If your car’s components are somewhat rare and generally in higher demand, you should expect a better price for your junk car removal. 

junk car removalSome rare or older vehicles may not have much demand for their parts, however, simply because there are few working models left on the road. General demand and prices for scrap metal can also fluctuate, affecting the value of your vehicle.

Overall Condition & Working Parts

The better the condition of your junk car — and the more working components it has — the more money you can receive. A car without any working parts will only be sold for its scrap value. Functioning parts, particularly the tires, radiator, spark plugs, or dashboard components, can add significant value when sold individually after being removed from the junk car. 


With a little extra knowledge, you could increase your junk car removal earnings by hundreds of dollars. A1 Towing Cincinnati can provide fast, reliable service at any time of day. Whether you need emergency towing or help getting rid of a junk car, their experienced staff will give you peace of mind with fair pricing and friendly service. To learn more about how they can help you, visit them online or call (513) 602-5493.

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