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Selecting the Best Place for Your In-Ground Flagpole November 2, 2018

Plano, Collin
Selecting the Best Place for Your In-Ground Flagpole, Plano, Texas

Adding an in-ground flagpole to your home is an excellent way to show pride in your country or military family members. However, before you start digging just anywhere on your property, think carefully about where the pole will work best aesthetically and logistically. The guide below will help you to narrow down the best place to install a flag in your yard. 

Height & Distance 

flagpoleResidential in-ground flagpoles are usually 15 to 30 feet tall, but the right height for your property depends on a few factors. The top of the pole should be lined up with the peak of your roof from key vantage points, such as the driveway or roads in front of the home, and not towering over the dwelling. If the house is situated on an even lot, determine the height by deciding how far the flag will be placed from the home, but if it is on a slope, you’ll also have to consider this degree change as well.

Trees & Utilities

The placement of an in-ground flagpole should involve the present landscape of your home and yard. If your layout is like most and works to draw eyes to the entrance, then you probably have shorter trees and shrubs closer to the front door and sides of the home and taller plants around the outer edges of the property. Your pole should work into this arrangement. After considering the height of your home, also blend its height with the rest of the landscape. Additionally, rule out places where overhead and underground utility lines are present, which will give you a much clearer picture of where to install it.  


No matter what size pole you need or where you plan to place it, US Flag & Flagpole Supply in Plano, TX, has you covered. For over 60 years, they have provided high-quality flags, flag supplies, and poles to homes, schools, and businesses around the world. Speak to an employee today about your flag needs by calling (800) 710-9892. Learn more about their offerings by visiting their website

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