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3 Benefits of Choosing a Career in the Plumbing Trade October 23, 2018

Long Island City, Queens
3 Benefits of Choosing a Career in the Plumbing Trade , Queens, New York

Whether you are thinking of changing careers or recently started weighing employment options, a job in the trades is worth considering. Plumbing is one technical career that offers job security, as people will always need trained specialists to provide solutions to their plumbing system problems. Below are additional reasons to consider becoming a plumber. 

3 Reasons to Opt for a Career in the Plumbing Trade 

1. Get Paid to Learn

With many professions, people don’t start earning money until they finish school and land their first jobs. This means the wait for financial security could take a few years or longer. This isn’t the case with a career in plumbing. Working in the field is a main component of training. You will take plumbing vocational classes in trade school and enter an apprenticeship program. Apprentice plumbers assist seasoned experts with installing, assembling, and repairing water flow, plumbing, and drainage systems. Although on-the-job training is tailored to teach you about the demands of the profession, you’ll also get paid for your contributions to the work.

2. Advance Quickly in the Profession

Long-Island-City-New-York-plumbingWith non-technical jobs, it could take a while to earn promotions and start making the wages of people with middle and upper management positions. Because plumbers are always improving their skills and abilities, there’s more room for growth in the profession. After completing an apprenticeship program, the next step is to become a journeyman. You must pass licensing exams to earn the title, which makes you more qualified and comes with a salary bump. After becoming a licensed journeyman, you can continue training and become a master plumber. This also includes an increase in wages. 

3. See New Things & Meet New People

If you want a job that doesn’t have you stuck in an office for long hours, becoming a plumber will definitely make every workday more exciting. Working in plumbing offers the opportunity to venture to new places and interact with different people on a daily basis. Plumbers are always on the go, traveling to meet the needs of residential and commercial clients throughout the communities they serve.


For a solid education to prepare for a career in plumbing, enroll in courses at Berk Trade and Business School. Residents throughout the New York Metropolitan area have looked to this accredited technical institute for trade school programs to help them find success in their chosen professions. The staff also strives to prepare students to find employment after finishing schooling. To learn more about admissions, call (718) 729-0909. Visit the Long Island City-based technical trade school online for a list of academic requirements and Facebook to read reviews from students. 

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