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5 Fire Prevention Tips to Keep Your Family Safe October 22, 2018

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5 Fire Prevention Tips to Keep Your Family Safe, Conway, Arkansas

Residential fires should be expected at least five times during an average household’s lifetime, according to the National Fire Protection Association. While most of these will be small, it’s important to prepare so your family knows what to do when smoke alarm systems sound. October is National Fire Prevention Month, the perfect time to learn about fire safety. Here are five essential tips so you and your family can stay safe in the event of an emergency.

How Should You Prepare for Household Fires?

1. Install Smoke Alarm Systems

To keep your family alerted whenever necessary, smoke alarm systems should be installed throughout the house. These systems should be tested monthly and have batteries replaced every two years. For greater peace of mind, equip your house with a home security system that will alert emergency responders in the event of a fire.

alarm-system2. Invest in Extinguishers

Place fire extinguishers in your kitchen, garage, and every other level of your home. If flames break out, remember the PASS method to operate the extinguisher: Pull the pin, Aim the nozzle at the base of flames, Squeeze the lever to spray, and Sweep the extinguisher back and forth until the flames are out.

3. Identify Risks   

Review the leading causes of fire and how to reduce these risks. For example, smoking should never take place inside and cigarettes should always be fully extinguished outdoors. When cooking in the kitchen, always keep your attention on the stove. It’s also wise to switch out traditional candles for battery-operated ones.

4. Inspect Equipment Regularly

Routinely inspect and maintain appliances — such as furnaces and water heaters — to prevent faulty parts from sparking a fire. To reduce the risk of electrical fire, have the wiring in your home professionally inspected every few years or when you recognize potential issues such as flickering lights, frequent outages, and odors coming through the walls.

5. Prepare an Emergency Plan

Draw a map to identify every possible exit so your family knows where to go when a smoke alarm system goes off. Individuals on upper floors should know where to locate escape ladders and practice using them properly. Next, run through all key action points. For example, if you suspect there's a fire and you're trying to escape, touch closed doors before opening them. If the door feels hot, there could be flames on the other side, and opening the door could be dangerous. As you move away from the fire, close the doors behind you and bunch wet towels or clothing underneath to keep the smoke out.


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