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Tips for Optimizing Your Wi-Fi Experience October 30, 2018

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Tips for Optimizing Your Wi-Fi Experience, Dexter, Missouri

Many people who feel dissatisfied with their Wi-Fi performance automatically blame their internet provider. However, in many cases, the problem can lie with your equipment or the location of your router. Before calling your internet provider, try some of the suggestions below and see if they don't improve your coverage and internet performance.

How to Optimize Wi-Fi Performance

Adjust Router Location

Router signals travel outward in a spherical shape, so for most comprehensive coverage, you should place the router in a central location. However, walls, floors, ceilings, bookshelves, and other solid objects may block the signal. To achieve the best signal, a line of sight between the router and your computer may be necessary. In fact, to avoid most obstructions, it's often best to place the router somewhere high up, such as atop a tall bookshelf, instead of on the floor somewhere. 

Avoid Other SignalsInternet provider in Dexter, MO

Electrical interference can degrade a Wi-Fi signal considerably. Microwave oven use, baby monitors, cordless telephones, and other appliances can interfere with your internet signal, slow down upload and download speeds, or even cause you to disconnect. When you must access the Web, avoid other electrical signals that might be causing connection problems.

Conduct a Speed Test

If, after making the adjustments above, your connection is still slower than it should be, conduct a speed test. It takes only seconds, and you can use the information while talking with your internet provider. Their representative should be able to unthrottle your service, bump you up to the proper speed, or otherwise troubleshoot problems. For instance, you may need to invest in a faster router to take advantage of the internet package you've paid for.

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