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Understanding The Benefits of Eye Drops October 30, 2018

Oakley, Cincinnati
Understanding The Benefits of Eye Drops, Cincinnati, Ohio

Whether you wear glasses, contact lenses, or enjoy 20/20 vision, maintaining your eyesight is always a top priority. Many patients undergoing eye exams have questions about eye drops and how they affect vision. If you’re looking for ways to bolster your eye care routine to ensure your vision stays healthy, here’s what you should know about these products. 

Why You Should Include Eye Drops Into Your Eye Care Routine

Are Eye Drops All the Same?

Eye drops often contain saline as a base ingredient; however, additional medicinal agents can vary depending on the purpose of the drop. That’s why many drops require a prescription. To better understand what form of liquid medicine would benefit your overall eye health, schedule an eye exam. In some situations, your doctor could recommend habit changes and artificial tears to mediate minor symptoms. If you have a condition or you’re recovering from eye surgery, your recommendations could require a trip to the pharmacy.

How Do Drops Help With General Eye Care?Eye Care

There are a myriad of eye drops, both prescription and over-the-counter, with multiple uses. Generally speaking, the drops you can purchase at your local drug store are known as artificial tears and help with minor eye irritation such as dryness or red, itchy eyes as a result of allergies. These products are safe to use when dealing with dry eyes and for cleansing contact lenses.

In addition to these products, eye doctors prescribe a variety of drops to treat chronic conditions and to delay vision issues. Patients with glaucoma are prescribed drops to slow the process and mitigate eye pressure. Other prescription drops can prevent viral infections like pink eye or bacterial infections after cataracts are removed. These liquids can also correct lazy eyes and help with the healing process after surgery. 


Wing Eyecare, founded by Philip A. Wing in 1914, has a long history of helping patients throughout the greater Cincinnati, OH, area and Northern Kentucky maintain healthy vision through every life stage. If you’re curious about eye drops and how to incorporate them into your overall eye care routine, call these vision experts today at (888) 274-9464 to schedule an exam. For more information on this trusted business and their commitment to hands-on, individualized care for local families, visit their website

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