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5 Ways Parents Can Make Divorce Easier on Kids November 12, 2018

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5 Ways Parents Can Make Divorce Easier on Kids, Ashland, Kentucky

If you’ve already seen a divorce attorney to sort through the legal details of ending your marriage, the hardest step is behind you. Going forward, you will want to focus on your family as it transitions to a new structure. Divorce can be especially tough on kids. Here’s how to make it easier. 

How to Help Kids Through a Divorce

1. Be Prepared for Questions

When you first share the news of the divorce, expect all kinds of questions, from “where will I live?” to “what happens to the dog?” Kids want to know how they will be affected. Sit down privately with your ex beforehand and sort out as many of these issues as possible. A divorce attorney can help negotiate details as needed.

2. Don’t Subject Children to Conflict 

divorce attorneyDon’t argue with your ex in front of the kids and refrain from talking badly about them in front of your children. This can negatively impact their relationship with the other parent. Remind yourself that just because someone isn’t the perfect spouse doesn’t mean they can’t be an excellent parent. 

3. Minimize Disruptions to Kids’ Routines

Try to keep kids’ routines as normal as possible. Ideally, they can stay in the family home, attend the same schools, and still participate in their usual activities. Once child custody agreements and visitation schedules are drawn up, stick to these consistently. 

4. Encourage Kids to Be Honest

Even if they seem “fine” at first, kids will likely struggle with the divorce at some point. Make it clear that they can always talk to you—or your ex—if they are having problems.

5. Don't Go Through It Alone

If you want to be a pillar of strength for your kids throughout a divorce, you need to take care of your own emotions, too. Seek emotional support from family and friends. Take time away from the kids so you can openly discuss frustrations. Your divorce attorney can also take some of the emotional load off by acting as a buffer in negotiations with your ex.

The lawyers of Williams, Hall & Latherow, LLP in Ashland, KY, have been helping families get through the difficulties of divorce for over 17 years. They also provide mediation services to spare you the extra hassle and emotional stress that comes with going to court. Learn more about this full-service law firm’s comprehensive offerings online. For an appointment with a divorce attorney, call (606) 329-1919 today.

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