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What Does It Mean to Live in an At-Fault Insurance State? October 22, 2018

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What Does It Mean to Live in an At-Fault Insurance State?, High Point, North Carolina

Being involved in a car accident can be harrowing for drivers. And in the aftermath of a collision, dealing with the damage done may further add to the traumatic experience. If you live in North Carolina, you have to be aware of what an at-fault system means when filing insurance claims for damage, collision repairs, and physical injuries. Here’s a brief guide to sort through the confusion.  

What Is an At-Fault Insurance State?  

At-fault accidents mean that someone has caused the unfortunate incident with their negligence or blatant disregard of road rules. In the majority of states, auto insurance companies use the at-fault system to determine which carrier will pay for the sustained damage, such as collision repairs and injuries, relative to the erring party’s degree of fault in the accident. In contrast to at-fault is the no-fault policy, wherein the insurance company will compensate its policyholder regardless of whose fault it was.    

Why It’s Important to Be Aware

Since North Carolina is an at-fault insurance state, victims of the accident can seek compensation and reimbursement of costs for medical expenses, collision repairs, and property damage. This comes with a caveat since it has to be proven that the other driver was to blame for the accident. Evidence like photos, video footage, testimonies, and police reports are necessary to prove fault and claim from an insurance company. If you were found to have contributed to the accident, you would not receive any compensation from other drivers.  

How It Can Impact Your Insurance

at fault stateWhen your insurance company pays for an at-fault claim against your policy, expect to pay higher premiums for the next three years as a penalty for your negligence. One way to avoid a rate increase is by getting accident forgiveness coverage, which allows for one at-fault claim. Do your research to see if the added protection is worth the extra cost.


In an at-fault state like North Carolina, it’s crucial to establish who among the drivers has caused the accident and must, therefore, pay for injuries and repair damage. When you need collision repair services, rely on the professionals at Chris Paint and Body. Based in High Point, NC, they can handle all sorts of auto body repairs, from frame strengthening to paintless dent removal. To request an estimate, call (336) 847-4006 or visit their website.

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