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3 Proven Ways to Speed Up Your Rehabilitation October 23, 2018

Flatlands, Brooklyn
3 Proven Ways to Speed Up Your Rehabilitation, Brooklyn, New York

Rehabilitation is key to recovering from an accident, injury, or surgery, and when done correctly, it will help reduce your discomfort levels and improve your overall health. While it’s crucial to a full recovery, physical therapy can take weeks or months of intensive activity to achieve the desired results. Below are three great, evidence-proven ways to speed up the rehabilitative and recovery process.

How to Make Your Rehabilitation Go Faster

1. Incorporate Manual Manipulation

Whether you’re undergoing physical therapy due to a car accident or back injury, studies have shown that manual manipulation of your body during treatment can speed up your rehabilitation process and make it more effective. Professionals believe that the benefits are caused by gently pushing your body to its limits to promote healing, improve flexibility, and reduce pain after treatment.

2. Wear Compression Garments

rehabilitationA 2011 study found that compression garments can help boost muscle recovery after intensive exercise. While this study was conducted with athletes in mind, the results have promising implications for patients undergoing rehabilitative therapy. The study noted that the results have a significant impact on athletes who participate in sports with brief bouts of high-intensity exercise followed by periods of relaxation and recovery. For those who have intensive therapy for rehabilitative purposes but otherwise have low activity levels, this could speed up the muscle’s healing process between sessions, boosting overall recovery time.

3. Avoid Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

This issue has been hotly contested among experts, but one study reviewed research on the effects of NSAIDs on muscle recovery, providing compelling results about their effects. It concluded that, while anti-inflammatory medicines do relieve pain and swelling after a muscle injury, they inhibit muscle regeneration and limit muscle growth, which can slow the healing process. Their research also concluded that the body’s inflammation response is necessary for repairing and strengthening muscles, the primary goal of physical therapies for rehabilitative purposes. 


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