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What are Common Causes of Neck Injuries? October 22, 2018

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What are Common Causes of Neck Injuries?, Campbellsville, Kentucky

Containing a series of cervical vertebrae, nerves, muscle tissues, and blood vessels, the neck is comprised of vital, yet vulnerable components. When the neck is injured, it’s common to experience severe pain, stiffness, numbness, and tingling. Fortunately, by knowing how the neck can be injured, you can catch and treat problems before they get worse. To help you better protect your body, here are five common types of neck injuries—and what you can do about them.

5 Common Neck Injuries & How to Address Them

1. Osteoarthritis

Common among seniors, osteoarthritis is a disease that causes the cartilage between vertebral discs to deteriorate. Eventually, this damage will force joints to rub against each other and cause painful inflammation. If you’re suffering from arthritis-related pain, cold therapy can help minimize swelling. Spinal manipulation from a chiropractor may also help restore proper joint alignment to improve mobility.

2. Whiplash

Whiplash occurs when sudden back and forth movements—such as that of a car crash—cause injury to muscles in the neck. Chiropractic adjustment can help correct alignment issues cause by whiplash—including bulging or herniated discs. Massage therapy can also help ease muscle tension in the neck and help release aggravating pinched nerves.

3. Muscle Strain

neck injuryPerforming repetitive movements or lifting a heavy object improperly can stretch neck muscles to the point where tendons tear. While these tissues will heal with time, chiropractic adjustment can help speed up recovery by realigning joints and improving muscle flexibility. Massage can also relax strained muscles and stimulate circulation to the area to promote healing.

4. Physical Trauma

Accidental falls and sports-related trauma are two examples of how excessive force can cause muscle damage and vertebral misalignment in the neck. In more severe instances, vertebral joints may fracture and weaken the entire neck. To enhance the rehabilitation process, chiropractors often prescribe the use of a neck brace, physical therapy, massage therapy, and adjustment.

5. Herniated Discs

Inside vertebral discs is a center of jelly-like material that helps absorb shock from an impact. Certain health issues, such as degenerative disc disease and neck injury, can cause this substance to push away from the center. Referred to as a herniated disc, this issue usually requires chiropractic care to adjust affected joints so that the disc can return to its original spot and stop putting pressure on nerves.


If your neck injury has caused chronic pain, mobility issues, numbness, or swelling, don’t wait to seek help. Instead, pay a visit to Dr. Kevin Richerson DC for comprehensive chiropractic care. Serving patients in the Campbellsville, KY area, Dr. Richerson will quickly diagnose neck problems and develop customized treatment plans to help you heal. To learn about the many services this chiropractor offers, visit the clinic online. For appointments, call a friendly member of the team at (859) 572-0029.

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