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3 In-Ground Pool Maintenance Tips for the Winter October 22, 2018

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3 In-Ground Pool Maintenance Tips for the Winter , Troy, Missouri

The end of the summer means your fun at the pool is nearing an end, and it’s time to get serious about preparing your in-ground pool for the winter. While some companies offer year-round maintenance services for swimming pools, there are still a few tasks owners need to have done now to guarantee their water playground doesn’t need significant repairs when it’s time to reopen it in the spring. Follow these tips to reduce the level of maintenance your in-ground pool will need next year.

3 Ways to Prepare Your Pool for the Winter

1. Install & Maintain a Pool Cover

in-ground poolCovers protect your pool and the water from debris, even in the winter. Before you install one, clean all debris from it using a net. Be mindful that you might need to open your pool cover when ice or snow is forecast. Covers aren’t designed to handle the weight of those elements, which is also why you should remove standing water whenever it rains. This will also keep dirty water and debris on top of the cover from contaminating your pool water in the spring.

2. Maintain the Water Level

Blow out and plug the plumbing lines to your pool before you leave it for the winter. This prevents rainwater from getting into the pump and filter system. Too much rain in the system can cause the pool’s water level to rise, and while a few inches is acceptable, much more than that can disrupt your water’s chemistry.

3. Treat Your Pool With Chemicals

It’s a good idea to test your water’s chemistry at least once a month during the winter. Without circulation, your water’s chemistry should remain consistent. If you notice a change, you might need to add chlorine to protect it from algae and other bacteria.


If you don’t have an in-ground pool, now is an ideal time to hire contractors to install one. The Pool Guys can help you design and install a new pool in time for next summer. These experienced contractors have specialized in custom pool designs for more than 30 years. Call (636) 462-7665 to request an estimate, or visit their website to learn more about their pool installation services in Troy, MO.

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